Scott Lockhart


“When we can finally say yes to what is and let go,
then and only then is when Love takes over.”
- Scott Lockhart

A Letter from Scott

“The most powerful thing we as human beings can do is to feel, be real, let go and then from your deepest most vulnerable self ask for this one most essential thing, be still, open your heart and simply ask from Life itself to, show you what love is.”

Try this one thing, call it a Mantra if you will, and as often as you can everyday simply ask.

“Show me what Love is”.

This will change your life because to know love is to be love.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me.

And thank you for supporting "Song to the Earth".

Scott Lockhart

Song to the Earth

Photography and Poetry by Scott Lockhart

SONG TO THE EARTH is Scott’s Lockhart’s inaugural book of poetry. This book makes an ideal display piece that any poetry collector will be proud to own. Stunning landscapes and experiential terrains are carefully paired with heart-warming poems of love, unity, and affirmation.

104 pages crisp matte experience. Photos are finished with a gloss to bring out the brilliance. This exquisite art-book is a must-have for photo and poetry collectors.

SONG TO THE EARTH is available now.

Corda Serrata Pando Publishing Co.

Publishing of heart-based art books, prints, and videos.

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